Minecraft Related Work

An incomplete catalogue of my work in the Minecraft community

I've been active in the Minecraft community since late 2010. Over that time I've been a part of a large number of projects, worked for many massive Minecraft servers, and attended various MINECON events.

This is only a small portion of what I have worked on. A vast majority of my private contracted work was under NDA, preventing inclusion on this list. Some of the items under NDA are allowed to be referenced but not with specifics, so those are alluded to but not directly listed.



  • Wrote many of the large private Anti-Cheat systems
  • Wrote software for many large servers
    • EcoCityCraft - Worked on CraftBukkit-- (now Spigot) and various plugins
    • MineTown - Worked on various plugins
    • MCCentral - Created BuildBattles and Splegg
    • LichCraft - Worked on many various minigames (Survival Games, MineZ, etc) and other plugins
    • And many more...
  • Wrote software for many large YouTubers
  • Wrote software for famous musicians
  • Security and performance consulting at some of the largest hosts and server networks
  • General contracted plugin development for servers