A spoon theory life management game made for LudumDare 50

The theme of this LudumDare was 'Delay the inevitable'. TidyHomebound is a time management strategy game where the player manages everyday household chores. For people with disabilities, especially those that impact energy or mobility, completing these tasks can be a daunting task. To some, it can feel like everything is piling up at an unstoppable rate, and by doing the chores they're just delaying the inevitable.

This game adapts the concept of Spoon Theory to represent energy to do tasks. The player starts the day with a few spoons, as well as a small number of emergency spoons they can use if they really need to. The ability to do tasks is heavily limited by available spoons, and the actions you make one day might have an impact on how many spoons you have for the next.

The game requires you to balance a limited number of spoons, an array of household tasks, and the need to perform self-care, as well as making trade-offs about how what you do today will affect what you can do tomorrow.

TidyHomebound Screenshot