Help Billy the Beetle on his epic quest through the stars

Join the fun with awesome addictive gameplay for free. Help Billy the Beetle on his epic quest to go as far as possible. Jump your way through the debris and leaderboards in this prodigious arcade game.

This game involves jumping forwards along platforms, and seeing how far you manage to get. Try and beat your friends by getting the highscore, or become a master and top the worldwide leaderboard!

  • Endless random level generation
  • Unlock even more amazing beetles
  • Random background generation (Similar to this webpage)
  • Highscores and global leaderboards
  • Optional vibration effects
  • Amazing soundtrack that enhances gameplay experience
  • Multiple control methods
    • Swipe controls – Swipe the screen in the direction you wish to move
    • Tap controls – Tap the part of the screen that is the direction you wish to move (Top = up, Bottom = down, Sides = Left/Right)
SpaceBeetle gameplay footage
SpaceBeetle Screenshot 1
SpaceBeetle Screenshot 2
SpaceBeetle Screenshot 3