An artistic side-scrolling platformer

This game was made as an assignment during middle school. It's running rather antiquated technologies, so it doesn't play super nicely with a react website. This game is pre-canvas.

Cogworks screenshot


  • A/D (or Left/Right Arrow Keys) to move Left/Right.
  • S (or Down Arrow Key) to fall down from a platform.
  • Hold Shift (or Enter) to Sprint.
  • SpaceBar (or W/Up Arrow Key) to Jump.
  • M to Mute/Unmute game sounds.
  • C to Hide/Show this Screen.
  • H to Hide the MenuBar and Ads.
  • I to Show more Detailed Information.


  • Collect all the cogs!
  • Jump on the enemies to kill them!
  • Reach the end of the game!


  • Sprint as you jump onto an enemy's head for a jump boost!
  • Don't get near the enemies, they have an aura which harms humans!


One dark and stormy night, as Percy looked out of his window, he saw a sudden spark of light come from his bike. He frantically tried to grab a torch from where he normally kept it, before realizing it was gone. It had been stolen! He raced out from his house in the pouring rain, to see a small green creature with a long pointy nose creep behind the bushes holding what appeared to be a cog from his bike.

"Get back here!" yelled Percy.

The creature only froze for a second, but it gave Percy just enough time to try and grab the creature's leg. As he reached out to grab the creature, an electric shock ran up his arm. The creature put his arms over his head and started cowering, as if in fear that his head would be touched. Percy assumed the head must be a weak point for the creature. The creature let off a shrill shriek of fear and ran off into Percy's garden.


Waking up from his deep slumber, Percy noticed he had overslept; his alarm seemed not to have gone off. He glanced over at his alarm, to see that the top had been torn off and the gears inside had disappeared! He remembered an old tale his mother had once told him, of gremlin's coming and stealing parts of all mechanical devices. He realized he had finally seen some with his own eyes. Percy rushed outside, just in time to see a large gathering of gremlins, holding many assorted mechanical parts, run off into his garden. Percy chased after them, with an intention to take back his belongings by any means necessary.

Can you help Percy collect the missing cogs?