Internet Speed

An old chart to map out my internet speed

Hey everyone, this is an archive of an old chart that I used to host on my old website. Back when I lived with my parents, I had reasonably non-functional internet. In an effort to prove it to the ISP and others, I setup an automated speedtest system that would automatically publish the results to my website multiple times per day.

These tests were handled by speedtest-cli on a Raspberry Pi, connected to the router directly via ethernet. These results did reflect those found on other devices, so the low CPU and shared network bus of the device is likely irrelevant to the reliability of these results. The internet plan was a 100Mbps down 2.4Mbps up plan with Telstra, on the HFC DOCSIS 3.0 technology. At the time, Telstra was the most popular Australian ISP, and the only one that served the area.

Since I created this chart, I've since moved out to apartments with functional internet connections. I believe the internet at my parents' place has improved somewhat, but is still not what I would consider usable. I have opted to keep this chart online to ensure that the large number of links I put around the internet to this page survive.

Thanks everyone!